๐Ÿค• face with head-bandage

What is the official name for the๐Ÿค•emoji?

The official name is face with head-bandage. There are plenty of other slang names, too (see below).

What does it mean when someone uses the๐Ÿค•emoji?

It probably means that they are thinking about a face with head-bandage, which totally makes sense given that you just got this emoji in your text or DM.

What else can the๐Ÿค•emoji symbolize? Does it have any hidden meanings?

There are definitely some hidden meanings for the ๐Ÿค• emoji. It can also mean they are looking at a face with head-bandage and know you’ll appreciate it as a good inside joke.

Does the๐Ÿค•emoji appear on any lists?

We’ll be adding every emoji on our list to other lists soon. We love lists.

How do I copy and paste the๐Ÿค•emoji?

Select this – ๐Ÿค• – with your cursor and copy!

Is the ๐Ÿค• emoji an ideogram?

Definitely. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s an official emoji.