Twitter creates #TrumpKimSummit emoji

One of the main catalysts for us getting this site off the ground is a new movement in media to immediately work to express important events as something in text and something immediately repeatable and spreadable via social media.

Twitter is undoubtably the leader in this part of the tech bubble, and the recent creation of the #TrumpKimSummit emoji is a perfect representation of something that required a once-in-a-lifetime emoji to meet the historic once-in-a-lifetime meeting of President of the United States Donald Trump and Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un.

The emoji made it’s appearance via this tweet:

What does the #TrumpKimSummit emoji look like?

Well, they may have jumped the gun here considering that looks like a very enthusiastic representation of a high-five between an American hand and a North Korean hand.

We don’t know if the talks will be positive or not, but Twitter certainly is trying to shape language a bit here.

Behold, the #TrumpKimSummit emoji

If you use the hashtag #TrumpKimSummit it will automatically appear in your tweet.

Not everyone is fully on board with this vibe, btw. There were a ton of tweets in response that really went for it in 140 characters or less…



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